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Who can become a Party Member?

Membership of the Veterans’ and People’s Party is open to all citizens both in the UK and Overseas, regardless of sex, race, religion, ability, gender, employment status or age.

We reserve the right in accordance with the Party’s membership rules and constitution to refuse membership applications and membership renewals.

Who is Membership for?

Whilst founded by Military and Emergency Services Veterans, we are truly a People’s Party, as demonstrated in our name ‘Veterans’ and People’s Party’. We are made up of ordinary people who love our country and are committed to its values and putting the Great back into Britain again.

As with any other legitimate political party in the United Kingdom, there is no requirement for any member of the Party to have served in the military, civil services or currently be serving on active duty. Nor is there any requirement for members of this Party to be associated with any military or civil service, organisation or facility.

Our Party is for those who want to see the United Kingdom flourish, be at peace, prosper, grow and protect its citizens and their future. It is for those who want to see hope, life, light, trust and truth return to our lives and politics. It is for individuals, couples and families. It is for people who are respectful of human rights, without surrendering or pandering to political correctness just for the sake of it, which we believe has impinged on our values of freedom, openness, liberty, honesty, courage and truth.

It is for Individuals who want to see anyone being given the opportunity to achieve their aims and desires. It is for both the young and old, those to the right of centre, left of centre or the plain centre. It is for libertarians, progressives and all who seek to bring change to our worn out establishment and system. It is for those fed up with the same dry, boring, arguments of the current political establishment; those tired of the daily adversarial barracking and barking of our current political system.

It is for those seeking change, not for change sake but as a necessity to claw back accountability and power to the people. It is for those who want to see Honesty, Courage, Integrity and #Commonsense return to British life and politics. If that is you then this Party is for YOU!

Why join the Party?

By joining the Veterans’ and People’s Party, you will be joining a new, different, vibrant, radical political party. A political party and movement determined to uphold British values whilst respecting and valuing the UK’s diversity. A political party committed to bringing about change in our old, tired and out of date style of politics.

A party that is engaged in open, consultative, transparent partnership politics with you, the British people. A party that offers true accountability of its candidates, elected representatives and leaders. A party that doesn’t just talk about it but leads the way in bringing that hope, light, trust and truth.

We intend to be a party whose members, candidates and elected representatives act with honesty, courage and integrity, leading the way in this and bringing change to the political establishment of yesterday. A party willing to think in the long term rather than the current short term style of the main political parties. A party where its members and the British people have a voice.

A party that will advocate and utilise new technologies to open up British politics so that, once again, the public feel engaged and interested. A party committed to ending political corruption, political flip flopping, and tax evasion. A party that seeks to address the inequality in our country. One that seeks to bring trust, fairness and balance back to our judicial system. A party that stops paying foreign aid to countries with their own nuclear and space programmes, to countries not in genuine humanitarian need.

We are a party that is committed to our armed forces and concerned about the neglect and decline that has been seen under successive governments since the Falklands War. We are committed to reviewing public service budgets and cuts which have left the armed forces, emergency services and local government services in tatters. We have numerous other desires and policy ideas and together we will seek to implement these policies for the benefit of Britain and its people.

What do members receive in return for their membership fees?

Members are able to participate in Party meetings, contribute towards policy creation, elect certain Party officers, attend and vote at conference, participate in polls, and have lots of fun with local Party members working to bring change to their communities and the UK as a whole. In addition, members will receive a membership card and other items in accordance with the membership package and fees they choose.

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